Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shardwolf: The Beginning (Part I)

This is the first part of Shardwold life story. All rights goes to the original author who published his life story on LiveJournal.

Ok so this is Part One of an on going series until i am done telling my life to anyone who wants to listen. There will be times of brutal honesty, some profanity, and all in all there might be times you just might now want to read it for what ever reason. This is my disclaimer. You have been warned.

My tale begins on Feburary 3rd 1988, down here in Phoenix Arizona. i don't remember too much for the first couple years, but who really does. some of my first memories are with my friend, Taylor Norman. some of you might know his dad, Royal Norman, the channel three weatherman. he lived right across the street from me, we are just about the same age, about a year differance. we hung out a lot. we played power ranger. that was big when i was a kid.....the power ranger, at least for me it was. i think i kinda shows how i came to love superheros so much. they were my idols. i started school at rainbow motasourri. it was this house that actually a school. it was really cool. i used to prey for it to rain, we would have the whole day full of activities like coloring computer games, all sorts of stuff. my childhood is not, however all sunshine and rainbow. Enter my dad. My dad has always been the one person i have tried to impress. maybe thats why i constantly seek approval form all my friend, or anyone for that matter, because i never got that as a kid. i remember watching movies all my life from a goofy movies, to just about every father son movie, and just trying to figure out how they got it so wrong. dad's are distant, they are not like that. they don't play catch One of my earliest memories of him is i learned a whole bunch of stuff about the ocean i think. i get home and my dad was sitting in the driveway of my mom's house (they were already divorced). i was all excited, i was going to tell me DAD all this great stuff i learned......but my dad did not even appear to care, i remember my just kinda in dumbfoundness that he was so apathetic towards his own son. but that went the same for my brother brandon, who lives in NY. when i was young he would come and visit every year. he had a game boy but the only game i ever remember playing was ghost boy. i know i had one but i am pretty sure that i got it later on. one of my first christmases i was disappointed. i had wanted a super nintendo, and i opened all my gifts and nothing. then there.......hidden under the tree was super nintendo, complete with super mario world. and then guess what happened? well if you REALLY want to will have tune in tomorrow for another exciting adventure of Shard Wolf's episode......The Early Years

oh and i made 120 which just proves my theroy of everything evening out, making the last two days about 75 a day lol

The Begining (original Livejournal Entry)

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