Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shardwolf: CEDU Middle School (Part VIII)

This is the eight part of Shardwold's lifestory. All rights goes to the original author who posted this on Livejournal:

ok so CEDU middle school. you may be asking yourself.....what does CEDU stand for. it stands for CE what you do and DU somthing about it. supposedly some dsylexic kid was told to write see what you do and do something about it, and did it wrong. aaaaaanyway, i went there on september 1st 2000. i was good for about a week. then everything went all to hell. they did not have a time out room, but they had a raquetball court, like a real one out side. thats where you went when you were bad. one day when there was a major wind chill they took my over jacket and made me sit there for a few hours. it was VERY cold. i was in the courts a lot. i was a real bad kid. but there was alway one kid who was there for me. his name was Andy Weiss, i even escourted him to the stage for his graduation. he was there for me a lot. we had these things called raps, where for two hours we sat in a room and talked. it happened mondays tuesdays and wedsdays. i missed my visit with my mom for chirstmas cuz i told them to cancel it. they really did what you told them to do in some cases. well i was a a bad kid, i would run around naked and hump people. (not that uncommon in the furry fandom i guess :P )

Then i met matt russell, and things started to turn around. i went through my second workshop (there were 7 over the course of 2 years) and moved up to the next phase in the program. i would still have an outburst once every few months, and eventually that got me to the point where they sent me to the wilderness program. it was 6 weeks, we went hiking for two weeks and all sorts of theraputic things. we had an IRT (individual relection time) and i was scared shitless when it got dark. well i got back and was doing better, but a girl i really needed to apologize to had to leave cuz her family lost a lot of money due to 9/11. so that was hard not being able to do that. but i did well until about march when i lost it again for a morning or so. but for some reason they moved me to the next phase like a week later, and no one really thought i deseved it, and not me neither but ya know what you gonna do? anyway i went through another couple workshops and they moved me to the 4th phase. then agian before we did what was know as our values challenge, i just freaked out again. now understand a lot of my problems have been presnted to me as many differant things, so until it was shown to me as something i understood and could find solid ways to fix years later, i never understood what was going on. here at cedu i was "stuffing my feelings" but even with talking i never understood why i kept doing the things i did. well i went on through the rest of my time there with out doing anything else, and actually doing really well. i went through my last workshop, called the Integreity, there i made a contract with my self. i am courageous and trusting, that is my contract. i still try to live by it, but its harder today. i also flew that day. everyone picked me up and flew me around the room. it was great. then i graduated and max goodwin escourted me to the stage. he was my best friend. we used to call him minium badlose, he has the most posative name in the world. well i graduated and guess what happened next....tune in next time to hear the next part of the story. Till tomorrow

CEDU Middle School (The original testimony on Livejournal)

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