Monday, May 13, 2013

Shardwolf: SCRA (Part XIII)

This is the 13'th part of Shardwold's lifestory. All rights goes to the original author who posted this on Livejournal:

ok so i go to SCRA.....that was the most differant progam i had ever been in. i was the youngest one in the program for once. i thought i would have a lot more freedome there. not so much. granted it there really was no school, we had classes and stuff we had to take and activities. there were some cool staff there and what not. they had a horse program there. but it was pretty gay since it was all therapy, that really turned me off horses. i did well there but had a problem with pointing fingers, and i hated it when pepople called me on it. the would only fuel my anger. i had said something about my past and it pretty much turned everyone off from me for the rest, about how i did stuff with that other guy, got me the label as gay for a while. now understand i was not totally ready to accept that yet. so i denied that all that stuff and blamed it on being young. there were these two guys named Joey and Dan. i hated them. they were like friends instantly and it made me insanly jeleous. i never had a friend like that, plus they were like perfect in everyway, at least in my eyes. everything from physical to the way the handled things. granted i knew that its was all an maniulation that made no differance to me. well they progressed through the phases that way, using manipulation, and i made me wonder why they were there. anyway um i did pretty well, and within a month was in a cabin. you start off in a big house then end up in the cabins. it was a huge place, and there was some haunted areas there too like the houses that were litteraly destroyed, scared the crap outta me. well i got to go to Six flags cuz i helped build this big horse fense outta rail road ties and that was fun, but joey and dan were able to start going to collage, even though they were not even at the right phase and i was depressed and jeleous and kinda freaked out. not good times for me. i ended up in a cabin ripping up sheets. but i bucked up and did really well for a while and got to go to the second phase which was apartment complexes a couple miles from main campus. that was cool i did an internship at a vetranary clinic. i was invovled in the building and creating of the recoreding studio, i was the one chosen to be the first and formost person using the computers and everything, helping people get their music together, i was pretty good at it. jason, the recording guy, is also the guy who taught me how to box. but he would alsways spend time with joey. i feltt left out again. in a lot of ways the same way i feel now adays. so outta extreme jeleously i went on his myspace (the one i created) and went on and made it say like sister fucker and who likes to fuck their sister I DO. oh boy i got in trouble. for about a month i was back at the ranch (the main campus) until i was able to earn going back to the second phase. then things really went up hill. i got to the third phase, patched things up with joey and all those people and started to work at subway. then after a month, and after i was 18 i decied to leave and go home. that did not work out i was there for two days and they sent me back cuz i would have been on the streets and i did not really have a choice at the point. so i got a NEW job at the vet clinic, i just did not want to do it anymore. call me making excuses but honestly the system was skewed and after a while when i explained it to my mom she agreed. well when i got home (well to phoenix) i was on the streets cuz my mom had a restraining order against me since she was scared of me. i was too afraid of my dad, and lived on the streets for a while until my sister let me stay with here. and that chapter is for tomorrow boys and girls. thanks for listening to my tale to those who have.

SCRA (The original testimony on Livejournal)

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