Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shardwolf: OCRS (Part XI)

This is the 11'th part of Shardwold's lifestory. All rights goes to the original author who posted this on Livejournal:

lets see, i left off at graduating from island view, so it was at that point i was able to go the school OCRS. oak creek ranch school in sedona az. this was differant. it was a real school. allen popsack., Pops for short, was the head guy for academics, but there was this guy named larry. now he was at least 500lbs. i never saw him walk more then maybe 20 feet. he drove everywhere. he was the dean of students so like pretty much was in charge of the non academic part of the school, activies, walmart trips and what have you. he was a hard ass. but again my idea of getting in good with the mean people at places worked. i was kinda the golden boy there. i never go in trouble. well thats not true actually. i got a BJ from a girl there. she just started coming back to there. she was actually the first girl i ever kissed. it was pretty cool. then she took me behind the horse barn and blew that crap outta me. i forget how but we ended up getting caught and i lost some privalages. but somehow (well i can be a bit manipulative) i was an RA soon afterward. that was a resident asstant. i had all the cool privalages. i got a fridge in my dorm. i could stay up late as i wanted. it was cool. i had a tv with an antenna and DVD player with a game cube. i guess if i had the interent there i would have figured out i was a furry cuz i fantasized about Krystal. and of fox taking me from behind while krystal did me from the front lol. oh yeah......the horses. we had horse. i got pretty involved in the horse program. i was even in a show for parents day, it was neat. twice we went on a horse back overnight, where we saddled them up and rode of a couple hours to a nice little spot where we camped out and it was just good wholesome fun with the marshmellows and smores and everything.

Then i went home for the summer and decied to stay home. then i got a job at TJ maxx. that lasted 2 weeks. that was kinda that start of my whole issue with job thing. i decied i wanted to go back to OCRS. i went on the 2nd horse back over night then. i was an RA the whole time and it was SWEET. i had this awesome room mate and all sorts of stuff. after we went on break for a month before school started again, i decied i wanted to live at home. so my mom and dad and i all went to dinner and we decied that i would to the local school horizon high school. oh and for that month i worked a computer place for a guy named mark. thats where i got my first laptop. i worked for him to work it off since i did not have 400 bucks. it was very fun there. and next time it will be time to recount the tale of my 8 months at my mothers house

OCRS (The original testimony on Livejournal)

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