Monday, May 6, 2013

Shardwolf: The Treatment years (Part VI)

This is the sixth part of Shardwold's lifestory. All rights goes to the original author who posted this on Livejournal:

She had betreyed me. I trusted her and she betrayed me.

She told me i was just going to see a doctor, and my mom left me at Glendale Charter Hospital. 3-28-1999 a day etched in my memory forever. this is the day i started my treak in the treatment. i was in a unit your were in at first. i was there one week, then they transfered me to residential unit. i thought i was going to be there only a week. and when they told me i was moving, then i lost it. i cryed i did not want to be there. i got sedative shots almost daily. i was a bad kid. i did not know what i was doing there, and i was young. at one point they had me on 7 medincation and i was a complete zombie.

i was there three months. i remeber on more then one occasion streaking though the unit. there was a kid there. i believe his name was charlie. he had severe autism. my mom bought him a tape player but he was not allowed to have it since the staff said he would probably break it. i wonder what happended to him. i will probably never know, but i do wonder. any way i got a home pass and was able to spend some time at my moms. she took me back and i bolted. i only ran around to the side of the building, and they caught me in the food loading area. i was crying saying how sorry i was. my mom told me my crocdile tears would not work this time. then in july of 1999, they found another place for me, this time in San Antonio texas. that is a tale to be told tomorrow. i am tired and need to sleep. i again thank all who read this for reading this.

The Treatment years (The original testimony on Livejournal)

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