Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shardwolf: Ascent, part two, St pauls and King George School (Part IX)

This is the ninth part of Shardwold's lifestory. All rights goes to the original author who posted this on Livejournal:

well i graduated CEDU on August 29th 2002, and was going to go St Pauls Prep here in good ol Phoeinx AZ. i was there a month. now at cedu i was used to talk to my parents every week and write and all that all i wanted. i get to st pauls and i can't do any of that. that mixed with that fact i did not know about this thing called restraint. i told something about my past that i should have kept quiet about (refer to Dad Years part one) and everyone went around saying i was gay., and not one talked to me and i just was losing it, i had no friends and it was just really hard. i finally could not take it, that mixed with the fact i had to go to church everyday, (bringing back issues with danny) i just ran away, and was trying to get to my moms house. i thought the shoulder of the highway was for walking then i foudn out differant when the police picked me up and took me to my moms. so for a week i just freaked out and went off the wall, then i woke up and then bill lane was there in my room. he was there to take me to acsent......agian. i got there and i saw a lot of the same staff. some were mad at me. then i just did not want to do it anymore, i was sick of the prgram and decied to just go off again. the sent me to the hopsital in the nearest town where i stayed one week. then i got back, and went to a new group. the people that took this group hiking were the same as my last trip so it was kinda interesting. well i a graduated and spend about 6 weeks at home. then i went to King Geoorge School. it went well for a little while. i was doing ok and the schooling was pretty good. then since i still was unable keep a hold of my emotions, since i really did not know what i really what was causing them. so after about a week i got kicked out. i mean i really went off the handle. so i went home and was there for a another 6 weeks. then i woke up to another little suprise. two big escourts that were going to take me to Island View RTC. but that is tomorrows tale. for now it is late and i must be going to bed. thanks for listening

Ascent, part two, St pauls and King George School (The original testimony on Livejournal)

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