Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shardwolf: Dad Years Part Deuxe (Part V)

This is fifth part of Shardwolf's testimony. All rights belong to the original author, who published his testimony on Livejournal.

ok so where did i leave off...........oh yes, Johnathan. those were crazy times, really confusing times too. I knew something about it felt right, but i just did not know what it was. and when i was on the edge (i never actually cam) i thought i had to pee lol. I remember the first time i did it with him, we were in his pool. i don't really know exaclty how it went down, and it went from there. for over a year. Well thats all that needs to be said on that subject. so my outbursts where getting my dad had me admitted to to a day treamtent at phoenix childrens hospital. I would go there for the day then go home at night. the last day i had an outburst......and they locked me in the time out room. they mocked me. i did not understand what was going on. i just kept crying and they just kept mocking me, i was banging and kicking, and did not understand what i was doing in this locked room. this went on till i guess i just ran out of energry.

Then i got let out and went home that night. the next thing i remember was the night that was a chaning point for my life, the second so far (the first was living with my dad). i just remember losing it. i don't remember why. I grabbed a bottle of coke and was pouring it all on the white couch, and poured it into a running washer. My dad had me detained by the police, my mom came and picked me up. so i started the legal battle for me to live with her. i started the school that my sister went to. then in the middle of class, and again i could not tell you why, i exploded, i ripped papers off the wall and ran home. i remember being completly pissed off when the police called me a juvenile deliquent. so i was suspended. i ended up living with my mom for two weeks. what happened after those two weeks you maybe be asking yourself? you need to tune in tomorrow to find out what happens next.

Dad Years Part Deuxe (The original testimony on Livejournal)

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