Monday, October 27, 2014

Former Island View survivor on the run speaks out

A teenager is missing from Grove School in Connecticut. He posted a message on Reddit using Tor technology so he cannot be tracked. We are no supporter of running because the world is a dangerous place for minors. His background does however explain why he ran. He is a survivor of a rather controversial program which has known as Island View. This program was being sued by a another survivor sent to the facility in relationship with the Dr. Phil show. We also have reports of suicide at the facility.

Island View was sold shortly after the news of the lawsuit. It is now marketed as Elevations RTC. The present management denies any connection with the past management.

The missing teenager wrote:

Hi, I am Samuel Foley, the wanted individual in question in this post.

To prove my identity to anyone questioning my legitimacy I will provide facts that will authenticate myself in the eyes of those that might justifiably be skeptical.

I left a white painted bike helmet at the New Haven station while eluding police. My former advisor at the Grove School was Colin Davies. My first period class at Grove School was English. I was on 30’s check-in level at Grove School. I told Jacob Lieber, a Grove staff, that I would most likely not be returning the day in question.

That should, in my opinion legitimize to some degree my words.

I would like to start my anecdote by reiterating some things I would like the public to know.

You will not find me.

At least, in my professional opinion you will not. I’m smarter, faster, fitter and in every way more adept to this playing field than anyone else. I’m more analytical, resourceful and committed than you. You know who I’m talking about you fat cunt Rosie O’Donnell and especially you piggly wigglies at the Clinton Police Department.

You should understand that I have immense experience in these situations and preparation.

That being said, the way I’m being potrayed rayed in the media is indeed false. My special needs would largely be classified as a Conduct disorder and a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Allegedly, Samuel Foley was being investigated for a spree of larcenies in the Connecticut area. On the verge of expulsion from Grove School, adjudication, forfeiture of common law adoption by his brother etc. Samuel Foley allegedly fled from prosecution.

That is what is not being told here. The Clinton Police Department and other faculties are systematically taking advantage of my siblings legitimate concern to manifest their little manhunt.

Also, for Troubled Teens subreddit, although The Grove School has had plenty of formal complaints about sex offender staff, *see Andrew Knapp and John DiNadio, rapes in their main office and physical abuse of there students at the hands of administrators, I think Grove School, in my experience having been to 5 juvenile institutions (Westchester Behavioral Health Center, Adirondack Leadership Expeditions, Oxford Academy, Island View and Aspen Institute for Behavioral assessment), that Grove School is a beneficial place and at least attempts to help their patients.

That being said, I’d also like to state that I have been a long time follower of Troubled Teens subreddit. P.S.

These articles have detailed that I have been living with my brother since my father passed away in April which is false as all my peers at Grove School would know. I’ve been living with my brother since my release from Island View, a secure psychiatric treatment facility in Utah in the summer of 2013. One of the articles detailed an interesting part of this situation. Although my girlfriend was formerly on psychotropics, I have not been for quite sometime (refusal to comply). This being fact, one story said we both REQUIRE medication. So, any attempt to trick me into self-surrending has gone out the window. After the systematic psychiatric abuse I have witnessed and been the victim of, I will not surrender back to another situation in which I could be once again held in a psychiatric facility where I can be locked in solitary confinement, forcefully injected with a Thorizine solution and the like. Fuck you.


P.S.S. Thank you to my friends at The Tor Project for providing the solidified anonymity that will foil any attempts to ever track my Facebook messaging to my girlfriend, my replies and any other traffic to the internet.

We hope for his safe return to a daily life where he is not being held at any facility.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mike at Provo Canyon School

This testimony was published on the HEAL-online message board. All rights goes to the original author.

BEWARE of Provo Canyon School. Parents and family need to know the impact on a child from confinement in a horrible institution like PCS. The damage PCS does to teens cannot be measured. Trust, joy and love are all affected forever. They are replaced with fear, rage, mistrust, and self-hatered. This lasts forever. I am speaking from experience.

I was kidnapped from my bed at 5am 4/15/1982 in Seattle, Wa. Three men held me and forced me into a small private plane at Boeing field. I was flown to Provo, Utah and learned that 1 of the 3 men was to be my "therapist" for the next year during my confinement. I did my year in a secured lock-down school for problemed teens.. I survived the school and staff. Basically it was a family-run institution of sadistic Mormons who knew each other from college or were related to the owners. These adults had a warped view on how to discipline and "invest" in a child. If you want to know details of this "investment", feel free to contact me. Isolation, shame, fear, intimidation... Adults should not use them as a tool of punishment. Provo Canyon School used them against all the teens. Who told these people how to run a school? I really want to know.

1 year later I was released back to my family, friends, home a completely different boy. I survived horrible abuse there. I can and will name names. The people who were supposed to be counselors and therapists were the tormenters. I never recovered from my year in Provo Canyon School. I could write a book about my life since and most people wouldn't believe it. It may have been better if I had just killed myself when I was released. God knows I thought about it. My life has been difficult and my relationships are few. I have rage. Provo Canyon School defines who I am still. I missed my chance to be a normal teen, instead I became a survivor of cruelty. My mother has not heard from me in many years. I still blame her for sending me to Provo Canyon School, not believing my letters, not listening. The last 27 years of my life have been a reflection of that 1 year in Provo Canyon School. That remarkable decision was the wrong one.

Parents: DON'T DO IT! Beware of this horrible reform school in Utah. Stay away. Email me if you want more information: names, dates, specifics about the abuse and what I witnessed. If you believe the pamphlets, DVDs, and other sales info about PCS... You are making a mistake. My family believed the sales pitch and the lies. Don't make that mistake. Again, I will name names and tell it exactly how it was: just ask. Good luck, people and please have a happy, free life.