Sunday, July 17, 2016

jmb2605 at Provo Canyon School

A testimony from a author known as "jmb2605"

I was at PCS from 98-00.

I was beaten, starved, drugged and mentally abused. I was subjected to monthly vaginal exams FOR NO REASON. I have not ever had an STD or any of the likes. I was given meds for conditions I never had. I was locked in obs for DAYS, or straped to a board while i laid in urine because they wouldnt feed me or let me go to the bathroom. I spend 6 weeks in a small chair with my knees against the wall with no contact with ANYONE. I lost over 70lbs. And my therapist had my parents fooled into thinking that it was all great. My parents once flew across the country to see me just to be told I wasnt allowed to see them. (because they had me in obs naked) I once had to sit in the snow in only pants and a t-shirt for hours for saying NO. I spent more time on investment than anywhere else.

I was sent with a small group of girls into the wilderness for 7 days with men who i had no idea who they were, and it was called a privledge. We had no bathroom or proper food. These outtings were described to my parents as "treats".

I have royally screwed up my life because I went in as a 14 year old kid and I came out so warped and screwed up. I followed my mom around like a dog for months when i came home, i was use to being told when i could eat, pee, sleep and then BAM nothing. I got use to being called by my last name and didnt respond to my first anymore. my number 326, really messes me up, my birthday being the 26th. I hate that number. I wont buy things if the total comes up to that. I have big anxiety problems.

I have two children and no husband, because i want love and someone to need me but i do not enjoy physical contact, and fear sleep. I sleep on an average of 4 hours a night, if that. I hate being naked. I HATE IT. I feel like i was subjected to being a show item infront of men and women alike. I was stripped like a doll and left on the floor of obs so many times. My first night there i didnt fully understand why i needed to get naked and squat infront of someone i had never in my life seen. They dialed 9 and i was searched and all my clothes taken from me. Im in no way saying i didnt have issues. My step dad was abusing my whole family and i acted out. I have very deep depression and I am slowly working through it.

I have been out of PCS for 11 years and rarely a week goes by that I dont have nightmares.but that places damages a child more than anyone can repare. ANyone that needs to talk I am here.

While it is unclear how damaging the long-term effects of a stay in such a facility can turn out to be, it must be clear that none can walk away without damage. A classic example is the case of manslaughter of a person convicted of criminal sexual contact of a minor. The 21 year old women who took his life as an act of defense was a former "student" of Provo Canyon School, who after her release from the facility became an easy prey for an older man who at the time of his murder was the center of a police investigation tied to drug abuse. The family had used a lot of money on the useless treatment at Provo Canyon School so there was no left for a high priced lawyer who would have got her cleared of the charges.

In year 2000 Charter Behavioral Health Systems sold Provo Canyon School to Universal Health Services, Inc.


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