Sunday, June 12, 2016

A testimony about Provo Canyon School

Here are another testimony from the early days of in the existence of Provo Canyon School. All rights goes to the unnamed author

I was a "student" there too.

It was indeed horrible. There is no way to describe it but the truth needs to be told so I will do my best. They use girls as examples of how not to misbehave, for instance: one staff member didnt like what one girl said so for two weeks she was forbid to speak only write it down on a note book for others to read. Their distored reasoning was to have her think about what she was saying but every time she made a mistake and spoke by accident she recieved an infration and would have to sit for hours in "chair structer" and if u made a mistake there it would continue to increase the time u spent in the torture room.

Sometimes girls were on that unit the whole time I was there I never knew them or their names for months and months they would sleep on cotts in the hall way with lights in their faces. Where pink sweats. Never ever go outside. I heard they fed them worse food than the others were offered which was horrible in nutional value. That was a BIG deal, we were lucky and it was a major privlidge if you recieved: Edible Food, Clothes, Going out door (for a short period of time), a Bed, contact with ne one at all (including in faculty) but especially ur family, this was highly detoured.

I recall my family planning a trip from Colorado to come visit me and I was walking on eggshells making sure to be "perfect" so I would recieve the visit because that was always held over your head. I have no recolection of why I got into so much trouble but it was a huge deal and instead of going to go out of the place with my family they granted me with sitting in a different room in the front lobby for two days with them, crying about how horrible it was and how depressed they made me, but they manipulated my parents into thinking that I was over reacting because of the meds i was on. They for sure brainwashed me and caused me way more issues than when i went in and i stilll suffer from severe anxioty, i also beleve i have post tormatic stress disorder but have nerver been diognosed.

This was 12 years ago and I still havent let my anger and frustration go toward what this school did to me. It was of no help what so ever to me and I pleed with ne on sending their child here to choose a different program that allows family envolvement, be suspecious if they dont allow u to freely contact ur child.

While it is unclear how damaging the long-term effects of a stay in such a facility can turn out to be, it must be clear that none can walk away without damage. A classic example is the case of manslaughter of a person convicted of criminal sexual contact of a minor. The 21 year old women who took his life as an act of defense was a former "student" of Provo Canyon School, who after her release from the facility became an easy prey for an older man who at the time of his murder was the center of a police investigation tied to drug abuse. The family had used a lot of money on the useless treatment at Provo Canyon School so there was no left for a high priced lawyer who would have got her cleared of the charges.

In year 2000 Charter Behavioral Health Systems sold Provo Canyon School to Universal Health Services, Inc.


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