Sunday, April 19, 2015

Adam7448 at Peninsula Village

This testimony was found on a message board belonging to Fighting Institutional Child Abuse Network. All rights go to the original author known as Adam7448

My name is Adam. I was there in 93' at the Village. I was your usual pain in the ass teen that smoked pot and drank on occasion. My parents moved me to Chapel Hill NC where I was put into MacDowell unit of Duke Hospital. Dr. David Jones Recommended to my parents that they send me to Peninsula.

I had NO IDEA what I was in for. I spent almost a year there. 8 months of that were in STU (special Treatment Unit) the first time I went out to the cabins was to group 4. we were on shutdown for two other kids escaping (eloping) before I got out there. the second time I went to the cabins was when PV opened the "STU cabin". I was one of the first "screaming pioneers". I got sent back to STU again. I don't remember why.

After another month in STU the Village let me out. I had NO WARNING. I was told to pack up my stuff. and two hours later I was put on a plane back to a group home in NC. It was a crazy transition. at the group home I kept dreaming I was back in 5 points in the Quiet room. Or I was getting PCI'ed again. I got PCI'ed my first time because I refused to go to group. I think it was my first week in STU. I NEVER was violent or tried to fight with any staff. They didn't like the fact that I got up without permission. I remember getting an injection of Haldol. I don't know why they did that. I sampled every single "Intervention" the Village had to offer from the rope and the 4x4 that had to be carried everywhere, to a backpack filled with rocks. The wheelbarrow filled with rocks that I pushed all over the village was a nice touch too. Todd Roberts (Staff) gave me That little gift.

Bottom Line: Should I have ever been sent there? ....NO. Did I learn anything good form being there? ...YES. It DID screw me up a lot however. It made EVERYTHING I did after that a lot harder than it should have been like getting into a good school. I turned out good but not because of the village.

Peninsula Village is under new ownership and marketed as the Village


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