Sunday, March 15, 2015

Jzieg at Peninsula Village

This testimony was found on a message board belonging to Fighting Institutional Child Abuse Network. All rights go to the original author known as Jzieg

I had fantastic insurance and thus the honor of living at PV for well over a year @ 1992-1993. My experience was the same as the original post. It was a nightmare. As an adult I had to go to a PHD after waking up with nightmares from my time PV, his professional opinion.... I never should have been there.

Entering the facility I was a depressed teen with a mother who was uncaring and cold so I hated her. I had never done any drugs, I was not a run away, no emotional disorders, no eating disorders, no cutting, I got good grades in school, I had a job, went to church, had friends, I had not faced any major abuse of any kind,. I specify major because there was 1 occasion where I had at 17 year old show me his penis when I was @3... he never touched me. No one had ever beat me. I was just a kid from a broken home, who in a bit of depression OD on aspirin at 15 because my mother had grounded me from Homecoming 2 days before.

I was in STU for over 3 months, because I did not have a story that they could break out of me.... because there really was not one. I never had to be restrained, or medicated but the emotional BS of treating you like crap to break you was the horror I lived day in and day out. Eventually they gave up and decided perhaps they could break me in the cabins, 14 months later the insurance ran out and I final got to go home. I was 17 when I went home, to the same mom I hated before. I made it 6 months then got smart and moved out on my own, got a job, and finished high school.

PV did not cure me of anything, all it did is rob me of years and moments with family and friends. I have a daughter now the same age as I was at the village. She is hormonal and moody... Guess what she is a teen. I am sure we will live through it with her and my family could have lived through it with me had the professionals not convinced them that PV was the only way to protect me from myself.

Peninsula Village is under new ownership and marketed as the Village


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