Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mike at Provo Canyon School

This testimony was published on the HEAL-online message board. All rights goes to the original author.

BEWARE of Provo Canyon School. Parents and family need to know the impact on a child from confinement in a horrible institution like PCS. The damage PCS does to teens cannot be measured. Trust, joy and love are all affected forever. They are replaced with fear, rage, mistrust, and self-hatered. This lasts forever. I am speaking from experience.

I was kidnapped from my bed at 5am 4/15/1982 in Seattle, Wa. Three men held me and forced me into a small private plane at Boeing field. I was flown to Provo, Utah and learned that 1 of the 3 men was to be my "therapist" for the next year during my confinement. I did my year in a secured lock-down school for problemed teens.. I survived the school and staff. Basically it was a family-run institution of sadistic Mormons who knew each other from college or were related to the owners. These adults had a warped view on how to discipline and "invest" in a child. If you want to know details of this "investment", feel free to contact me. Isolation, shame, fear, intimidation... Adults should not use them as a tool of punishment. Provo Canyon School used them against all the teens. Who told these people how to run a school? I really want to know.

1 year later I was released back to my family, friends, home a completely different boy. I survived horrible abuse there. I can and will name names. The people who were supposed to be counselors and therapists were the tormenters. I never recovered from my year in Provo Canyon School. I could write a book about my life since and most people wouldn't believe it. It may have been better if I had just killed myself when I was released. God knows I thought about it. My life has been difficult and my relationships are few. I have rage. Provo Canyon School defines who I am still. I missed my chance to be a normal teen, instead I became a survivor of cruelty. My mother has not heard from me in many years. I still blame her for sending me to Provo Canyon School, not believing my letters, not listening. The last 27 years of my life have been a reflection of that 1 year in Provo Canyon School. That remarkable decision was the wrong one.

Parents: DON'T DO IT! Beware of this horrible reform school in Utah. Stay away. Email me if you want more information: names, dates, specifics about the abuse and what I witnessed. If you believe the pamphlets, DVDs, and other sales info about PCS... You are making a mistake. My family believed the sales pitch and the lies. Don't make that mistake. Again, I will name names and tell it exactly how it was: just ask. Good luck, people and please have a happy, free life.



  1. I still have nightmares from the day they took me and what happened behind them walls of that school. I am now 44 years old and have dreams that are so real that I wake up covered in sweat and can not go back to sleep. I have tryed to have a relationship with my mother and put it all aside but I keep blaming her because she had planed this kidnapping all out and did not listen to my calls for help she never once even came to visit me in the two and a half years I was there. Hopefully me writing this will some how put some closure in my head and stop these nightmares. There is so much more I could say about this place but I will not go there for now

  2. I too was somewhat abducted,flown from my parents California home in 1978 to Provo Canyon Boys School..We were all put on a polygraph every month-asked if I had any plans of escape, knew anyone who did, had sex with any of the other boys, if we had drugs, hiding drugs.They had a whole separate facility underground, I never was allowed to even go "OUTSIDE"(none of us could)The BYU football team members were among ttheir enforcement staff, they were huge comparison to us little kids.If anyone one of us did ANYTHING"they didn't approve of, they would physically lift us up off the ground by our short hairs and"hair dance us into submissionhe staff lift

  3. I was at the Orem campus in the eneding of 2017 beucs they thought I needed to be punished for being raped by a adoptive father, I then began to dc Pearson who began to give me more and more pills seen every side effect I had he added a medicine, I began to loose a extreme amount of wait, which then I was threatened to be taken to the state hospital if I don't start gaining weight, you know I solely belove pcs was the one the let me get rwled by a sicko because I waited 5 month for the. To get a omay for me to move Im with him not 5 month later I was back in the program with nothing but wanting to kill myself, later then attempted and they released me staff here are just there for the paycheck and complain I have tried filing a lawsuit against the doctor but since he is paid through the state it is relatively impossible to sue him beucs they government, i then later spent the last 4 year until i was 19 i foster care beucse of pcs and the lroble the started