Sunday, September 14, 2014

A testimony about Summit School

This testimony was found on a message board. Names have been removed but they can be seen following the link of the original statement. All rights belong to the author.

Hello my name is i am the girlfriend of and yes I did go to Summit this is my story about the abuse I did suffer there

3 years ago I was commited into the psych ward of a hospital. I was almost 18 and would not be eligable for teenage services at that time..My mother did not think that adult treatment would be right for me and I did not think that either

Let me explain why i was commited into the psych ward..I used to hurt myself..very badly I almost died that day I entered the psych ward..I had massive blood loss from a large cut in my arm I still have a piece of the razor in the bone of my arm I had barely done drugs when I went into The Summit School but I was a big drinker.

I got transfered directly from the psych ward to The Summit School. I got to go home every weekend and I did have my cell phone so they didn't cut me off from people but they had a staff member who was originally a worker in Rikers which is a state prison one of the worse and she was awful..She constantly called us bitches and whores and sluts even if it wasn't warrented.

I did have a good social worker and the main staff member I spoke to really helped me but that doesn't make up for the fact that I was abused
on my last year of Summit I became "friends" with one of the male staff people can guess what happened..I didn't even think of it..My parents were away on vacation and he decided he would take a trip to my house..He got me drunk and high on both weed and cocaine and raped me twice..

I didn't think it was rape...I insisted it wasn't i have been raped before so this wasn't the first time..The first time was when I was 7 so I guess i didn't think it was wrong

He was 42 years old and had 2 kids and a wife..

The summit school fired him and made sure he would never work in a residential ever again..Now that doesn't mean he might go to a nonregulated residential and work there..which bothers me...

He honestly thought I was his girlfriend and would call me up and ask me if I could get out of the house and told me to tell my mum i was just going to Brooklyn and he'd get a hotel room and everything..I said no..over and over again

When my social worker told me that the school knew everything I denied it..I insisted it did not happen and I started crying hard as hell

I was 20 so they left it up to my district but the child abuse was called and they did talk to me..The district attorny for the sexual abuse unit of Staten Island was called and did talk to me and they were about to prosciute without my permission.

Unfortunately the bitch from rikers did tell the whole damn school so of course the students thought the wrong thing they thought I wanted it..They didn't know the whole story and of course the bitch from rikers left important details out..

But other staff members were amazing..They kept students away from me anything I needed they gave and they made extra steps to make sure I was okay I was victimized but I am a survivor.

When I got out of Summit..I did have to deal with a drug abuse problem..after that whole thing happened and even before that..I was doing Coke and Adderall daily but I didn't hurt myself anymore..but I guess once you get over something you just add another abusive behavor on top of that..I was trying to cover everything up...

The guy that raped me did not have a past history or anything they had done a background check but I dont understand why he decided to do it to me maybe because I was 20 and had a past history of being raped that he figured I was easy prey..and I hate that and it makes me feel dirty and like I asked for it..but I didn't i definately didn't and anyone who tells me that I was to blame for that is a inconsiderate asshole it did happen and I didn't want it..and I did say NO im not a whore

The fact is is that did not have sex with me while I was still in Summit we started dating when I got out of Summit he would never do that at least I dont think he would be that disgusting..but honestly I dont think anything that I do with my boyfriend is anyone else's buisness but he made it your guys and he is an asshole for that...I just dont want anyone to slander me

he slandered me and he will not be forgiven for that..but I just wanted you guys to hear my side of the story with Summit instead of what he says because I think he just doesn't listen to me when I talk about it and doesn't get the whole picture

I have been fighting against abuse for all of my life..i have had a bad abuse history not only with residential but also with inpatient and with my own family and one listens to someone with a disability thats what i honestly feel

But I am trying to heal and become a better me and to get over this and to fight and fight and fight against all abuse that happens because I will not let what happened to me happen to anyone else

A boy died at the facility in 2002. According the courts he was pushed by another kid at the facility. In 2014 a girl was found dead at the facility. It has been ruled a suicide.


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