Monday, November 29, 2021

A testimony about Solstice Residential Treatment Center

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This place may be good for learning to understand friendship but in the end I felt cheated out of mind. I became the ‘yes girl’ the one who will never say no and always listen. I know this might not sound bad but when your parent decides to constrict your feelings, tells you how you should dress, and breaks all your promises then you begin to have problems.

I turned 18 the month after I graduated and everything seemed fine but my dad began to be harsh and very controlling. I thought he had changed but more I changed as I was there to accept that he must control everything. I was at a point of strength but I couldn’t tell him my boundaries anymore, I couldn’t confide in him. I went to my friends and had to ask for their support because he would not listen to me if I was happy or sad. He began to get mad at me and proceeded to yell if I said an opinion or feeling. I started to snap and realize he had taken my entire freedom, to choose and to learn. He took away my college fund to pay for solstice and held it over me like I had to thank him. He treated me like I had to obey him like a god.. I got so frustrated with that.

I thought that Solstice would heal the bonds between my father and I but in the end it created me to be easily manipulated by my parents and authorities. I struggled to the point of going towards trying to die again, I failed and then he kicked me out. Told me to be homeless and wouldn’t let me back in. I was so depressed, I had no money and no life. I didn’t like how solstice affected my family. I wouldn’t suggest sending your kid to an RTC as it makes it hard to come back. You literally lose your own heart and soul. You end up feeling lost because you have no freedom. Always in the same room and trying to go up levels so you can leave. I did remember all my pain but it’s so hard to deal with that now because everyone at solstice only thinks of money. I know every year there’s this big thing called secrets group because a bunch of people do some really bad things, while I was there there were girls snorting bennadryl. Even girls who’ve never done drugs so they could be cool, it’s a bad idea to mix kids with drug problems with kids who have self harm problems they give cake to the drug girls for being sober and nothing to others. They even had a group right after about bullying and everyone realized that there were people just being flat out rude to each other. I don’t think this is a safe place. Honestly, just getting them a better therapist and locking the drugs, alcohol, pills, and sharp items would be better. Or even sending them to a different school to make better friends. I had such a hard time with everything that even in the beginning I was fake and lied, I even didn’t like it there.

I had a mentor who resorted to always provoking me and it honestly made me feel awful, it stressed me out and my eyes got bad because I was blindfolded for a day. After going in there I’m not even better, what also needs to happen was my parents needed help and to actually learn how to love their child. I don’t expect someone to read this but I know I opened up to this fact. I know my therapist was super kind but that was the only good part. I didn’t like anything else. I also don’t think cereal from Monday to Friday is healthy. There are a lot of things that just need to be fixed like the mentors and the program it self. I don’t think that your progress should be defined as signatures and a paragraph essay. I honestly would never go back to do that again, it was not fun and very upsetting. Also 10 feet rule shouldn’t exist, thats kinda stupid, and makeup should be allowed for all levels due to it being a stress relief mechanism for some people. If anything just be careful. Also they told the girls to write good reviews to cover up the bad ones, it’s so ridiculous they just want money because they’re being kinda sketchy.


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