Sunday, September 17, 2017

Another testimony concerning Sunrise RTC

This testimony was found on Google where it properly will be removed by the marketing department at some point. All rights goes to the author Kayla Muzquiz

If I could give this place no stars I would because this place ruined my life.

I was a resident of this facility in 2008, I was bullied and physically abused by both staff and other residents who lived here almost on a daily basis.It got to the point where I would be provoked so bad that I felt I had to defend myself physically, which resulted in me getting in trouble and kicked out.

Why was I placed here, well my mom passed away in 2005 and I had to go with my biological father who I never knew or saw growing up, he began to sexually abuse me as well as physically and due to those traumatic experiences Child protective services placed me here to get help, but thats the furthest thing I got out of sunrise. I was a foster kid and I think they knew that I didn't have any parents so they left me in the back burner a lot, they would let other girls make fun of me or belittle me and sometimes the staff would join in on it too, I didn't have a mommy or daddy to go run to when i was being treated unfairly so they got away with it . Most of the girls here come from a family who has money and they are honestly in my opinion just too spoiled, I came from nothing so it was hard for me to relate to my other peers and their situations, I could never understand why they were so bad. I wound up being isolated from everyone because there was constant confrontation and I was always the one to blame. The staff were not held accountable nor were the other girls.

They wound up shipping me off to an even worse RTC where a boy had committed suicide and is now shut down for the abusive therapy methods. This is one of those places, the only thing different is the name. The staff that dealt with us girls were not fit for the job, let alone experienced enough and I would never hire someone who acts like the girls who are put there.

I'm turning 20 this month(I was 13 while I was there ) but looking back now I realize that if I never came here my life would have been so much different and better. This place really messed me up, more then I already was.When I arrived at this place I came in with all these disorders and for every disorder I was on a pill for it. They will drug your kid up for a quick fix believe that, I think pills should be a last resort but not this place. They charge way too much for the horrible treatment they give you.

It took me 2 years of being on my own to fix the emotional damage this place did to me along with the other facility they sent me to.Never send your kids here, or they might come out worse then when they first went in. Residential treatment isn't always the best thing for your kid, and being a troubled teen isn't a diagnoses. Ive been through the ringer and I never used my past as an excuse to make wrong choices and I'm a foster kid. These places are always going to try and make a buck with you, so don't fall into that trap. I live with my boyfriend in our newly bought house with 3 dogs and 4 cats, I am going to college and I'm getting my license to be a dog trainer soon.

I'm doing fine though I still suffer from ptsd, I deal with it without medication because I know my brain isn't fully developed till 21, also I don't think it's the healthiest solution.Please think twice three times again before sending your children there. best of luck !

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