Sunday, March 19, 2017

Avi Chaise at Palmetto Pee Dee Behavioral Health

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The structure was ok but there was a lot of physical abuse there I was the one that got the three staff fired and helped the place be a little safer the facility was filthy at times and a lot of bug infestation there the food was not very flavorful and the same thing every week they had for units savanna and santee and motrie and edisto 2 units for girls and 2 units for boys there restraints were overly offended used for minor behaviors like yelling at staff and and cursing the offenses like physical aggression or self harm and property Destruction that were the things u were placed in the hold for some staff when they placed these patients in the (CPI)

Known is Crisis Physical Intervention most UHS facilities engage in this method of restraint to regain control of the aggressive patient check it out on YouTube to better understand this type of hold look up CPI restraint training video if your looking to place your child and especially has a diagnose of autism spectrum disorder I don't recommend this facility for adolescents with autism they have a link on their website called autism program but when I was there they didn't treat autistic patients there very well the nonverbal ones didn't get any tools to assist them to communicate with staff just lets them be to there selves and rock all day sort of speak some staff say there trained in developmental disorders when themselves abuse them and have no clue about autism behaviors I was admitted there this last January of this year 2016 was discharged October of this year 2016

I was there for 9 months for aggression I have autism if u want me to explain more about my experience there at palmetto Pee Dee behavioral health go to me YouTube channel (avi chaise) thanks for reading this big old long paragraph on this review for this residential facility peace out😃💩👽

Beside the negative feedback the authorities also has their attention on the facility


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