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Theodurk at Cross Creek Programs - Part 3

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Now this may not include everything, I am pretty tired right now. I also seemed to have misplaced the category sheet, so I have to go from memory. I still have all of my seminar info, but that will be in my story.

I will start with the level system. There are 6 levels; from 1 to 6. You need to meet certain requirements to gain each level. Some of the requirements are what made things a form of brainwashing. There is a merit system and you gain merits on your daily school and group performance. At the end of the day, we would fill out sheets 1-3 on how we thought we did that day. Then the staff would go through and rate us and the staff's answer was what stuck. For the group rating, up to 15 merits a day. Then school, up to about 18 merits a day. I think... Been awhile.
  • Level 1- default level
  • Level 2- 200 merits and group approval
  • Level 3- 1000 merits and group approval
  • Level 4- 2400 merits, group approval, upper level approval, staff approval, and Ron approval.
  • Level 5- merits reset and 2000 merits, group, upper level, staff, and Ron approval
  • Level 6- same as level 5... I think... I was too excited to get level six when I did. Freedom a month away and all.
Now for some general rules that will be mentioned a lot. There are five categories of rules. "Cat 1" being the least and "Cat 5" the greatest. There is "self" and "staffed" for punishments. Self is when you fill out the slip appropriately and staffed is when you refuse to or your entry isn't satisfactory. Self is less severe and staffed is more severe.
  • Cat 1 self- 5 demerits
  • Cat 1 staffed- 25 demerits
  • Cat 2 self- 25 demerits
  • Cat 2 staffed- 50 demerits and 10 worksheets
  • Cat 3 self- 50 demerits
  • Cat 3 staffed- This one I am unsure completely, but I think it is 150 demerits and 20 worksheets
  • Cat 4 self- loss of 2 levels, 30 worksheets
  • Cat 4 staffed- loss of 4 levels, 60 worksheets
  • Cat 5 self- brought to level 1, merits reset, 60 worksheets
  • Cat 5 staffed- level 1, merits reset, 80 worksheets
Now worksheets... Worksheets is almost what it sounds like. We get a work sheet of ten questions. We listen to tapes about popular books or popular people and we answer questions while we listen. Depending how many we get right, a certain number of "worksheets" is removed from our total. We can get a total of 3 per tape. I do not remember the rating as to how many you got. The maximum that you would have to do at any given time is 100 worksheets, unless you were forced to do the cumulative, which for me after I was done being bad, was about 2500, so 833 tapes. Week days you could lose about 9-12 worksheets a day and week ends about 18-24 a day. Now if you had 30 worksheets or more, you are considered what is called "staff buddy". You wear an orange shirt and you can only speak in certain situations. Generally, the only things you could talk about are: food, water, bathroom, meds, and school. Staff buddy is level 1, but lower than level 1's.

Now each level had privileges.
  • Level 1- really not much
  • Level 2-eligible for orientation and could crochet
  • Level 3- could have a knickknack and could talk with level 1 and 2's out of therapy
  • Level 4- could go off campus to the gym and to activities, if you are eligible. Can go on off grounds day passes with family. 2 knickknacks.
  • Level 5- can wear a belt, watch, have a guitar. Special shirts. Listen to the radio in the room if everyone in the room is eligible as well.
  • Can go on overnight passes with family. Can order special snacks once a month, like fudge stripe cookies and pop corn and gummy worms.
  • Level 6- can go on home passes, which means flying to your home state. Basically marks that within 2 months, you can go home... forever.

I may have missed some stuff, but that is the gist.

One of the most common rules is "crossing out", which is getting permission to pass through a doorway... Any doorway... We have to ask for permission to "cross out". Violating this rule is a cat 2.

Now I am getting a bit tired and just got a sudden bathroom urge, so I will continue this tomorrow.


Cross Creek Programs is now closed. They tried to re-start the program as a non-profit program but the arrest of an employee who had been working there for a long time for sending photos of his naked body to students stopped any future activity.

The buildings have been rented to a new organization who will operate in the market for adopted kids who were sent to their adoptive parents without the full story about their emotional issues. The horror stories will continue with new independent management and new employees.


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