Sunday, January 26, 2014

Amy at Red Rock Canyon School

I was in Red Rock Canyon School in 2003 for 10 months. It is a horrible place. My therapist was good, but there are several that are very bad. While I was there, a girl died because they refused to give her medical attention. They said that she was just "doing it for attention" but then she DIED. RRCS tried to blame it on bulimia.

Much of the staff don't even have college degrees. Most also have constant power trips and even take out their life stresses on the kids. While I was there, I saw them seriously rough handle some kinds during "restraint". Way more force than necessary. Abusive. Also, I've been told by numerous of my peers (though it hasn't happened directly to me) that staff had touched them inappropriately. I believe this. They are also EXTREMELY emotionally abusive. I've experienced that abuse personally as well as to my then peers.

DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD HERE. They only want money. I am now 26 years old (I went in at 16), and after 10 YEARS I am STILL recovering from the trauma there. THEY ONLY WANT MONEY AND WILL ABUSE YOUR CHILDREN!!!!

Read the book, "Help At Any Cost" about these types of facilities. This book has also helped me recover from the trauma of RRCS because it helped me see that other people are acknowledging this horrible SCAMS. I'm sure there are some good ones out there.. some that are more military based or nature (BUT BE CAREFUL BECAUSE IT IS EASY FOR PARENTS TO BE FOOLED AND BRAINWASHED BY THE BAD PLACES!!!!) Don't bring your kids to Red Rock, definitely do not send them out of the country, and definitely be VERY VERY careful about who you SIGN YOUR CHILDREN over to!


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