Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mary Collins at Cross Creek Manor

This testimony was given by Mary Collins on the cafety-youthrights statement pages. All rights belongs to the author.

To whom it may concern:

From 4/26/2002-4/1/2003 I attending Cross Creek Manor.

The main form of abuse I received was neglect. I went to Cross Creek Manor having just come out with the sexual abuse I endured with my father--only to be told I was lying. My mother sent me self-help books on it, but a lot of times they were held from me. I know I wasn't the only person who this happened to.

My health problems came quickly, and that's where it was hard. I had an infected gallbladder, infected kidneys and a staph infection in my vaginal tract which led to difficult problems. I endured harassment from the PA at CCM--him making horrible comments about my vagina that I'd rather not repeat again. When the doctor decided to finally take care of my staph infection (previously I had been told that I was manipulating and exaggerating) my mother drove out to be with me. I'd need time to heal.

I got to the office and prepared myself on the table. My mother asked if there would be any anesthesia. They were to be removing the damaged hymen (from my rape) among other things that I don't remember. There was NO anesthesia. I was given 1/4 of a Valium.

So, here I was, not sedated, having my vaginal tract scraped out. I was in so much pain that I don't remember everything that happened or how long it took. My mother had to tell me most of what happened, and here is what she said:
  • I nearly blacked out from the pain
  • They removed 4 anal cotton swabs of pus
  • They performed a D&C, still under no sedation
After it was done, I was given Lortabs to deal with the pain. My mother took good care of me. However, I couldn't stay with her forever and I had to go back. Back to a place where I didn't get Lortabs, where I still had to run in P.E. and keep moving in 120 degree weather. At times I would be wearing a maxi pad, underwear, and the Dickies pants and the ice pack I was using (with a paper towel on it) would still get blood. I was able to lie in the sick room once, when a "Radio 3" that really cared about me helped me out in that aspect. I ended up getting infected again--another kidney infection and UTI that took months to fix once I left.

There were other things that happened that I remember and don't remember. I remember working in the kitchen was a privilege. I remember trying really hard not to scream in the bathroom with my UTI or infections because there was to be no talking in the bathroom. I remember feeling like I needed to go to a hospital and being told that I was manipulating my way out. I remember praying a rosary every day to help me get out. There was nothing I wanted more than to leave, to feel better, to not be forced to avoid taking care of myself.

While this is just one story, it flipped my life around. I may not be able to have children. I have vulvar vestibulitis (just extreme pain with nearly every vaginal activity) that may or may not go away. And I have blacked out, forgotten periods of time that proves it was some messed up trauma. I know it wasn't the worst center, but no 13 year old should have to deal with that.

Thank you, and I hope this assists in putting these horrible centers out of business.


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